Here you can find the useful and inexpensive tools for Btrieve. This popular system working on the platforms Unix, NetWare, Windows, DOS. DDF Editor for Btrieve allows to create the description of files Btrieve in the dictionaries DDF. Dictionary DDF is necessary for access to Btrieve files through ODBC, OLE and etc. Now you can easily keep your tables and data Btrieve in SQL script. Choose only target server Pervasive SQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL or ODBC Data Source.

DDF Editor for Btrieve


  • create, view, edit dictionary DDF
  • import and export description from ODBC Data Source
  • import and export data from ODBC Data Source
  • create, view,edit files Btrieve in Grid or Form
  • import and export file btrieve from text
  • export data and metadata to SQL script
  • support data type : string, integer, float, bfloat, date, time, logical, money, decimal, numeric, unsigned, auto, bit, zstring, lstring, lvar, note, numericsts, numericsa, timestamp, currency
  • support drag and drop, copy and paste descriptions
  • rebuild files
  • create supplemental indexes
  • search,filtration data etc

System requested

Btrieve for Windows 95 or NT Workstation or for NetWare, Windows 95 and above

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